My Wolf for Wolves in Wolves 2017

My Sunset Wolf

Summer 2017 will see the largest public art event ever held in Wolverhampton and I’m honoured to have been chosen to take part. Wolverhampton has created a trail of 30 wolf sculptures, each individually painted by both local, and international artists. This is the story of my wolf for ‘Wolves in Wolves 2017’.

I discuss my design further in my previous blog post, My Wolf, but it’s inspired by my Mindfulness Monday’s project of last year. Anyone familiar with the project will recognise the black and white design and I created it using the same mindful, way of drawing I developed last year.

Prints and Greetings Cards available

I have a selection of complimentary artworks available intended to celebrate my wolf and using the same style. You can purchase them at the Wolves in Wolves shop in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton or click the image above to purchase them directly from me through Paypal. Please contact me for more information.

Progress Gallery

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Selfie’s Gallery

If you have taken a photo with my wolf, and would like to see it included here, please send it to me directly or tag it #ardentshadows

View the ITV news report on the project which Wolves in Wolves Mapshows me working on my wolf along with some of the other artists involved sharing their wolves in various stages of completion.

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Lots of progress photos  and videos, like the one below, can be seen by visiting my instagram page: