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Gothic Fantasy paintings by Jemima Mantle



Mindfulness Monday #16

mm16.jpgThis week I am dedicating my post to the person who is responsible, thank you Anna. You told me this at a time when I really needed to hear it and I hope it’s something I will always remember.

Sometimes you have to fall, to learn how to fly!

I am currently working on another book, but this one will guide people through developing their own mindful drawing techniques rather than simply being a colouring book. In order to do this I need to work out how to include more text into my drawings and this week was an excellent opportunity to try it out. It’s a lot harder than I thought and I think I will need to practice this more so expect to see more text based designs soon! To make sure you hear all about my upcoming book project, make sure you sign up for updates. You can also follow me on facebook or Instagram – simply search for Ardent Shadows.

News! Colouring Book Launch

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my very first Ardent Shadows book. This one features images from my Mindfulness Monday project, plus two brand new and exclusive images, to allow you to colour your own route to mindfulness. Every A4 book features 20 pages of hand drawn designs, printed on high quality drawing paper. They are made from 100% recycled materials and are hand bound so you know you’re getting something extra special.

There will be a few copies available at Ink and Iron tomorrow, but otherwise you can order your copy online and it will be dispatched next weekend with free postage. Simply send £6 via Paypal to or email me for other payment methods.




Mindfulness Monday #6

This week’s pages were started in a different way. The binding shows on these pages and I thought that instead of trying to hide them or work round them, that it would be interesting to highlight them using negative space. I then used these shapes as the starting point for the whole design. It was fun to work on something that grew from the central point of the double page. I always try to start in a different place so that I vary the experience I get from the exercise. I’m very keen to avoid these drawings becoming in anyway planned or predictable. I want to ensure that they continue to demand my full attention. I feel that if my approach becomes systematic, I will lose a lot of the freedom and mindfulness which I’m currently enjoying.

The choice to draw more hearts is something that I think has come out of allowing myself to add my husband’s name last week. It’s always something I’ve doodled absent minded in notebooks but it was lovely to incorporate it into a mindfulness drawing and reconnect with what it really symbolises. If mindfulness is about calm and focus, shouldn’t we also find a way of celebrating love and happiness. I don’t know why it’s only just occurred to me. Of course these things go hand in hand. Is there anything in this world which makes us feel more calm, and more ‘in the moment’ than love. Whether that’s love for a partner, your family, your pets or just looking at a stunning view and connecting with how that makes you feel. I certainly feel that love is something I will be connecting with a lot more in my mindfulness drawings from now on.


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