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Jackalope now on Redbubble

So I’ve just finished painting my jackalope and have added it to my Redbubble store. This is the second design in my Enchanted Earth collection. Plus today Redbubble are offering a 20% discount! Use code: HERES20



All New Range of Giftware, Homeware and more…

Magic Skull, from Mindfulness MondaysDo you remember this piece?

Maybe you loved the YouTube video too?

Well now you can buy lots of lovely products carrying this design. I’m so excited to share the launch of my new Redbubble shop. I’ll slowly adding more designs over the next week so let me know what you’d like to see next!


My all new shop!
My all new shop!

Mindfulness Mondays #52 – Speed Drawing Video

So it is with great pleasure that I can share this final Mindfulness Mondays video. As you can see from the drawing it was intended to be a little bit of a Christmas farewell to the project but somewhere in the making of it I just had to return to my favourite theme – skulls! That being said, I did make it a Krampus themed skull so I still feel it’s in-keeping with my original intention! I’ve now completed several video projects which are posted on my Ardent Shadows YouTube Channel but it seems I’m still learning (which is a nice way of saying “making mistakes”). This particular video suffers from two different filming methods but just the one method of prepping the videos forĀ  the final project. That’s why you an see that half way through the video quality changes. This is a great shame but I do hope that it doesn’t distract too much from your enjoyment of this video.

Please feel free to leave me comments and if you enjoy it, give it a thumbs up and a share. Thank you as always for your support and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this latest timelapse / speed drawing video.

Mindfulness Monday #51

This week I feel I have returned to drawing a journey. It was not intended, the best week’s never are, but I feel that this abstract magical world is somewhere I could travel to. I know what it would sound like if I was there – but what music do you imagine?

Mindfulness Monday #50

I couldnt resist drawing one more little plague doctor mask. I still love last week’s but I think this one with the tree wings might be even better. I love drawing botanical designs. Combining them with all things dark and magical is just a bonus!

Mindfulness Monday #49

I could imagine her sitting in a tree above me, the thin veil between world’s is the only thing hanging between us. 
I love this week’s drawing. This idea popped into my head and I just had to draw it. It could be argued that this isn’t the best drawing in this project but I feel like it’s a fantastic design that could be taken forward into something more! I’ve had a thing for plague doctor masks since watching ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and I’ve always thought it would find itself into my work somewhere. I wasn’t really expecting it to come out in this project… but I love it! it!

Mindfulness Monday #48

I tried to push forward this week, trying to escape the set of shapes and patterns that have become so familiar to me… there was mixed success. 

Some parts of the drawing do feel abstract and use shapes and patterns I haven’t tried but other areas definately feel familiar. This week’s drawing was certainly less thought out and I never had a next step or a next shape in mind. It’s always continuing process and like any great project there’s always unanswered questions and more exploring to do!

Mindfulness Monday #47

I’ve been trying to move away from the shapes and patterns I’ve been drawing a lot lately. I almost feel like I’ve been using the same shapes for a while now, and whilst it’s nice that it’s flowing so naturally, I want to make sure that this project continues to develop. If I start using only familiar themes I think it will start to stagnate. I managed to push forward with my drawing this week (right hand side spirals for example) but I think there’s a lot left to explore!

Mindfulness Monday #45 and #46

This week’s a double bill – the drawings from this week and last week. Both of these weeks were incredibly relaxing and a joy to work on. The first captures which something of a personal mantra – choose happy. It’s a simple idea but if you make this the first thought of the day you set a tone for your whole day and with some work maybe your whole life. Like many things in life happiness sometimes requires hard work, determination and dedication. Just like your body can’t thrive without exercise and a healthy diet, your mind needs feeding with positivity. This week I invite you to give it a try. Choose happy!

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