Jemima Mantle

Ardent Shadows is the imaginings of Gothic Fantasy artist Jemima Mantle.

Primarily concerned with dark beauty, Ardent Shadows is difficult to categorise, playing with recognisable influences but never committing to them. It explores fetish concepts without being overtly sexual. It may give you an unsettled feeling, a creeping discomfort but it does not aim to produce shock or horror. Sometimes sweet, it will never be too cute. Subtlety allows the audience to become acclimatised to concepts they wouldn’t usually embrace. The aim of the artist is to produce work which rewards the discerning audience.

Submersed in alternative culture the artist draws inspiration from the creative world around her, a culture which encourages the exploration of beauty. A keen musician, her paintings can often be traced back to the music that moves her, whether that’s Medieval Folk or Doom Metal. Lyrics are just as likely to spark an idea as poetry or extracts from novels. Fascinated by the Occult, the artist enjoys being able to give her work the flavour of something mystical, magical and unknown.

Jemima studied Fine Art at A-level and Foundation level. Becoming disillusioned with the sensationalist art movements, she studied BA(Hons) Illustration looking for a practical use for her skills. Shortly after graduating Jemima returned to painting and began Ardent Shadows.

‘Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows.’
In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki



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