This week’s painting was based more closely upon a real Bob Ross tutorial and I thought I’d choose a fairly simple one to get a handle on the basics. Also, mainly due to impatience I decided to work on a white background. This is the first thing which I have definitely learned this week. I like working over a black base. It keeps these landscapes more closely related to my own aesthetic and I feel that it just creates a deeper atmosphere. There’s more magic to be found in the twilight.

The biggest problem I came across this week is actually the same issue I had in my first painting. When I got to adding bushes and details in the foreground, the paint wouldn’t stick, or maybe the base layers were eating up the tonal variations. Again, I also struggled to create all the different shapes and patterns so important for creating a believable world of natural flora. The remedy for this was only realised after I thought I had finished.

I went back into the painting after it had been left drying for a few hours. I can’t be sure that this is the reason why I was more successful on my second visit but I think it played a part. The other reason I went back into it was that I felt it had turned out to be a very boring landscape. I felt much happier after adding in some large trees in the foreground. This also provided me with an opportunity to play with the palette knife more. This is something else I highlighted in the first painting as an area of weakness which needed attention.

All in all I am pleased with this second entry into my oil painting diary. You can’t love every result when you’re learning new skills, but you always learn a lot. Next week it will be back to black.

Wanderer No.2 on YouTube