As you will know, I’m a huge Bob Ross fan and love his series ‘The Joy of Painting’. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend heading over to YouTube or Netflix immediately (after reading this post of course).

So this is how my new adventure came about – my far-too-generous husband bought me this full setbob_ross_set of Bob Ross paints and brushes, and well, everything I need to get going.  So no more excuses, no more safety in the known, this acrylic painter was heading straight into oil painting.

As this coincided with the start of the new year I decided to video my first attempt and shall continue to make videos of my progress throughout the year.

Wanderer by Ardent Shadows

This is what my first attempt finished up like. Of course I could go back no and tidy things up, correct some mistakes and generally add improvements but I wanted this piece to be honest in my first attempt. This is hard.

I’m at the beginning of what I suspect will be a very long road. I don’t intend for this to be my new work, or in anyway replace the acrylic paintings I so love creating. I intend this to be more like my Mindfulness Monday’s project. I learned a lot from the project, developed new skills and I’m a stronger more accomplished artist because of it.

I’m going to follow up this post with a more detailed account of my findings but for now I’m proud to share this new video timelapse of Wanderer: My first oil painting

end screen2