I recently felt the success of getting a painting selected for publication. I created a piece for Out of Step Books, ‘Under the Sea’. I have previously posted the painting, ‘Sleeping With Fishes’ and shared progress shots but with my Screenshot_2017-07-24-10-46-30-1limited number of followers of social media, there was a small amount of people that could really get to see it. Out of Step Books however however have 330,000 on their Instagram and I am so pleased to say that I have felt the love that their reach can bring.

At last count my painting, on their page, has reached 3,188 likes. It feels unbelievably good to know that there are Ardent Shadows fans out there who I just haven’t found yet. It’s really spurred me on and given me the confidence to keep pushing forward. My own small Instagram page has been enjoying a new rush of followers. Yes my current number may only be holding around 240, but I few short weeks ago I was struggling to get over 160. Of course not all of that has been because of this one piece. My involvement in the Wolves in Wolves Project has also helped me gain followers. It just feels so great to know that there truly is a future for my work out their. The all consuming passion I have for my art means that I could never stop painting, but it’s so nice to know that others are getting enjoyment out of my craft, my love and my hours of hard work and dedication.

I am really feeling the love!

Prints available as below (8 x 10 inch print with multi-frame mount, £15 plus postage). The original painting, 20 x 16 inches is available framed at £185. Contact me directly for more.