So my wolf has hit the streets of Wolverhampton in all it’s glorious colour! I’m so proud to be able to share my full wolf as the colour truely transforms the whole design. My wolf is not just a story of creatures in trees as the colours have their own story to tell. I wanted to give the impression of a sunset slipping quietly beneath it’s feet and the full moon rising behind as I think it’s the most tranquil and beautiful part of the day. I also wanted it to be bright and colourful so that it really captures peoples attention when they walk passed. Public art should captivate, excite and hopefully inspire people. It doesn’t matter what brings you joy in life but I hope anyone visiting my wolf leaves inspired to connect with their joy; and even better maybe get out into nature, plant something new in the garden, or just find a green space to sit in and enjoy the wildlife.

Art can help you connect with all sorts of feelings and emotions, and there is an alternative way of viewing my wolf which I can offer you. How about this? Instead of a sunset perhaps the sun is rising as it’s feet, and the moon is quietly disappearing into the blue of a new day. What do you see in the colours and how does it make you feel?

Sunset Wolf by Jemima Mantle