I’m now in the home stretch of completing my wolf for Wolves in Wolves and have moved onto adding the colour this week. In order to keep up maximum interest for the grand unveiling at Wolverhampton City Centre, I will be keeping the colour of my wolf under wraps! You’ve all seen the original design so you have an idea of the end result but even I’m amazed by how different it looks large scale. I’m just staggered by the effect of the flat bodies of colour against the stark black and white trees. I really hope as many of you as possible will venture out to see it and would love it if you could take a selfie or two to share with me. Throughout this whole process I’ve really been focussed on how my wolf will make people feel and wondering what the public will think about my contribution to this massive project. I’m also going to give my wolf it’s very own page on my website. Keep your eye on the blog in the next few days for those updates and the closing pictures of my wolf story.

For now here’s the first black and white teaser of my wolf’s feet!