After last week’s excitement, another Ardent Shadows video in my YouTube channel, I headed straight into an all new drawing. Whilst I was going about my day to day life something triggered my memory of the fish in Disney’s Fantasia. I always remember feeling that scene was incredibly peaceful and almost hypnotic. This quietly worked away in the back of my brain until I reached a point where I realised that my fantasy world of paintings and drawings is very much land based. In many ways the deep dark depths is a real life fantasy world. The ocean is still the most unexplored parts of our planet. So I thought maybe it was time my fantasy world headed underwater. True to form it starts above water with a flowering lily but I think you can really see the Fantasia influence in the fish. I also had in my mind the underwater scenes of The Sword in the Stone and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, two other childhood favourites. It was fun this week but I think my drawings will be moving back onto dry land next week.

Mindfulness Mondays 38