This week I’ve been painting the background and have started to add some shadows around the figure. Even though at this stage the background is simply an exercise to block in some colour, I still want to add a sense of where the figure fits into the canvas. Until you add shadows the figure is simply hanging in space with no idea of how it fits into the over all composition. As you can see I have painted over where the hair falls down passed the figure. I am still roughing in elements of this painting and it’s very much a painting in progress. Elements like the hair will be some of the final details I paint however I like to create a sense of what it will look like early to help me balance the various compositional elements. I’ve also started to further fill in extra details to the mask. I thought red lenses in the mask may be an interesting design element but whether or not they make it into the final piece is a decision that won’t be made for a some time.