I’ve chosen this photo to share this week because it brilliantly illustrates the trouble you can get in when you don’t properly prepare your palette. I usually spend a good time at the start of a painting mixing my main colours and create accurate mixes for the colours I’ve imagined in my head. I would usually then do some tests to make sure it’s exactly right. This time I raced into starting the canvas and as you can see I’m having trouble balancing the palette. You can see that all the skin tones to the right of the hand are more yellow in tone, whilst the skin tones on the left are considerably pinker. This is because I refined the colours as I went along and the left side, that I painted later, is actually the colour palette I was aiming for in the beginning. In the area above the gas mask I have laid down some contributing colours to the palette as this helped me to identify what I am physically creating to what I originally wanted.

This mistake cost me time as I had to go back and correct the skin tones so that they all share the same pink hue. This is a good example of where planning a painting thoroughly, before starting out, can actually be a huge advantage!