Anyone who’s bought one of my colouring books will already have seen a version of this weeks drawing. The majority of the images used in my book use my previous mindfulness drawings and as the most recent one, I couldn’t resist including this one. For my colouring book I scanned the original image and removed some of the lines to create more open space to colour.

In the UK the moon gazing hare is recognised as a very traditional pagan image but it seems that it is actually known in many religions and can be seen in historical art and cultural mythology from around the world including Japan and Egypt. It’s certainly a symbol that a lot of people feel connected to. It’s also popular amongst artists as I have often seen sculptural depictions of hares in this pose, not to mention all the illustrators and pagan artists who have created their own versions. I have recently discovered the beautiful work of Amanda Clark (@earthangelart) at a gallery in Boscastle. She is one of the many artists who have shared in the spiritual connection this imagery offers. If anyone reading this post is looking for pagan artwork I would certainly take a look at her extensive and beautiful portfolio.