My main focus this week has been to get back the flow I missed so much in last week’s drawing; not my mindfulness flow, but rather the flow of the patterns around the page. I began by drawing long curved lines almost sectioning of the page. I haven’t started a page in this way since the early weeks of this project. It was nice to get back to this structure and reconnect with the initial concept of the project. Anyone who has worked on a weekly project will know that there is a natural growth and progression that develops week by week. In many ways it’s like writing an essay. You may have been carried away in the research but you have to keep coming back to the initial question you want to answer. This weekly project  is very much the same.

Am I unlocking my creativity by doing this practice? Am I achieving a mindful state of calm? Is this project still benefitting me? I am very happy to say that this project is definitely helping me reconnect with myself and is an important part of my mindful practice. I am not sure that it’s really helping my painting but in general it definitely stimulates my creativity and can give me the same sort of emotional satisfaction I get when I can set in front of my easel.

Finishing my first book has also been hugely satisfying. I’m really happy that my mindfulness practice will be able to help others in search of theirs!