After the success of breaking out of my established approach last week I decided to follow it up with another free flow design this week. I’ve also had the desire to include a cat for some time. This didn’t work as well this week but I’m really happy with some of the elements I have included. I like the patternwork I have worked into the bat wings and I’m really happy with how the rat turned out. As enjoyable as it was to work with animals this week I feel that this is possibly one of the weakest drawings I’ve done. I was surprised because I love painting little critters into my big pieces so I thought the subject would encourage greater success. Perhaps I should stick to paint brushes when it comes to our furry friends. To be true to the project I will revisit animals later on. I feel like there must be some potential there.

I’m hoping to get back into painting over the Easter break. I’m also working at a convention on the 3rd April, so it would be lovely to have a new piece to take with me. Because of the deadline it will only be a small piece but I’m hoping that small steps will lead to bigger things. I still have an exciting new piece stuck at the ‘blank canvas’ stage. Make sure you’ve subscribed to my blog (or followed my facebook page) to see all of my upcoming work.


Please excuse the rough-and-ready photo this week. I’m blogging on the go!