Most weeks what comes out of this exercise is a surprise and this week’s is no different. It started in a completely different way and where it ended up was totally unexpected. This week I did the two top corners first and created what felt almost like a frame for the rest of the page – at least this is how I felt when I started it. The next part I added was the skull moon – I’ve totally fallen in love with this. It’s fun to draw and this week I definitely perfected it. The moon felt like it needed a long curl from the top point, which I did and after adding a few other lines it began to feel like a net. So I connected the dots and ended up with something which was shouting ‘dream catcher’ at me. Having recently done some drawings with text I wanted to avoid writing in this one but every time I picked up my book the words kept coming back to me again and again. Eventually I gave in and filled an unusual space with text, which was another interesting problem to tackle.

It’s only just occurred to me that most people will probably hear ‘dream catcher’ and think of the Native American circular hoop, beads and feathers. Understandably – but if you’ve arrived at this point, you need to retrace your journey. I encourage you to think about the individual words; imagine a calm night sky filled with stars and a glowing moon hanging in the distance, waiting to catch your wishes and dreams as they float up and away from you.