After MM:5 I decided I wanted to play around with incorporating text as a focus into these drawings. This week I chose a relatively long word, but something that is most important to mindfulness practice, breathe. Your breathing is such an important tool, not just for mindulness, but for any sort of work where you’re trying to instill a sense of calm. You can even use your breath as something to be mindful of. So I drew the word first then formed the rest of the piece around that. The first time I used text I just left negative space amongst the patterns whilst I was drawing. There was no plan to include text at all which created something very organic. This week’s differed quite dramatically in my experience which consequently effected my ability to remain mindful whilst drawing.
I felt quite limited this week. As it’s quite a long word, which ran the length of the page, I felt like I spent a lot of time working on the letters themselves and the space immediately around them. Furthermore the position of it across the page was not very pleasing to my eye. It wasn’t quite in the center of the page, but too far down it to think of the area under it as a separate space. Whilst I think the finished piece is visually pleasing and ‘breathe’ is certainly a word I connect with, I’m not sure I enjoyed the activity as much this week.
I will endeavour to create another piece with text to see if there’s an alternative way I can plan an element of the design whilst removing the difficulties experienced this week.

Mindfulness Drawing 7